STM32 Family Pinout

This page contains a list of pinout information for each subfamily of STM32 variants.

This page is automatically generated from the STM32duino repository. This webpage has been generated using version 2.7.1.

This page is inteded to be used for quick search of available PWM timers and ADC channels for a given STM32 family and subfamily. The information is extracted from the PeripheralPins.c file of the STM32duino repository. The variant_*.cpp files are used to provide the variant names for each subfamily. The variant_generic.cpp file is used as a generic variant for each subfamily.

How to Use It

  1. Navigate to the STM32 family and subfamily of interest using the provided links.
  2. Click on the subfamily link to view the pinout information for that specific STM32 variant.
  3. Use the provided information to identify available PWM timers and ADC channels for your project.


This page is automatically generated using a Python script. The script is available in the GitHub repository. Please feel free to contribute to the script if you find any issues or have any suggestions.

Table of contents