Fabrication guide for SimpleFOCShield

Here is a quick guide how to fabricate the Arduino SimpleFOCShield check the most recent versions . Here we will showcase the two most recent releases of SimpleFOCShield v1 and SimpleFOCShield v2.

Board releases

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VersionlinkRelease dateComment
SimpleFOCShield v1.3release v1.304/20Inital release
SimpleFOCShield v1.3.1release v1.3.107/20added Nucleo stacking support
SimpleFOCShield v1.3.2release v1.3.209/20added I2C pullups
SimpleFOCShield v1.3.3release v1.3.312/20adapted L6234 circuit + full Arduino header
SimpleFOCShield v2.0release v2.001/21- 3A in-line current sensing
- 5V regulator
- new pinout for hardware config
SimpleFOCShield v2.0.1release v2.0.101/21- reduced via size
- configurable range
SimpleFOCShield v2.0.2release v2.0.202/21replaced 7805(connected to 5V) with 78M08 (connected to VIN) to be compatible with stm32 Nucleo-64
SimpleFOCShield v2.0.3release v2.0.303/21- Shortened the lines from ADC to current sense
- Typo fix : underside label switched phase A and phase B
SimpleFOCShield v2.0.4release v2.0.409/21- Pullup config simplified
- Max input voltage 35V
- removed CAP2 for a CL1
- Easy EDA version of the project

Fully assembled versions

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