DRV8302 driver with Arduino UNO

DRV8302 is a high performance BLDC driver board capable of delivering 15A current continuously and 27A peak current. It has temperature and over-current protection, it has Back EMF and three phase current sensing and last but not the least it can be run using only 3 PWM signals making it compatible with the SimpleFOClibrary.

Here is an example of the connection scheme using the Arduino UNO:

You can find this board on Aliexpress for the price of ~35$


  • As any other BLDC driver supported with this library the board receives 3PWM signals: pwm a,b and c. Connect them to INHA, INHB and INHC
  • Additionally connect the enable pin as well to EN-GATE pin
  • To configure the BLDC driver we will need three pins (purple)
    • M_PWM when high enables 3PWM mode (if low the board expects 6PWM signals)
    • M_OC when low enables over-current protection
    • OC_ADJ analog input adjusting the over-current limit - if you don’t care you can put it to high
  • To read the fault signals we will need to read two pins (red)
    • nFAULT when in high board in fault state
    • nOCTW when in high over-current limit reached


  • Channels A and B are connected to the external interrupt pins 2 and 3
  • If your encoder has an index signal you can connect it to any available digital pin, here we connected it to the pin 4


  • Motor phases a, b and c are connected directly the board terminals OUTA, OUTB and OUTC

Example connection