Teensy support

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Arduino SimpleFOClibrary has recently started to support Teensy boards as well. The most commonly tested boards are Teensy 4.1 and Teensy 3.2, but most of the boards in 4.x and 3.x series should work out of the box with the library.

Teensy 4.1ARM Cortex-M7
- 3.3V logic
- 35 PWMs
- 18 analog input
- 600 MHz
Teensy 3.2ARM Cortex-M4
- 3.3V logic
- 12 PWMs
- 21 analog input
- 72 MHz

If you are having issues with your teensy board or if you are interested in extending the support please do not hesitate to post on out community forum!

Arduino IDE support package

In order to use the Teensy boards in the Arduino IDE please instal the Teensy support package by following the steps of installing Teensyduino addon.