HMBGC V2.2 example

To use HMBGC controller for vector control (FOC) you need to connect motor to one of the motor terminals and connect the encoder to the analog pins. Following pictures show the schematic of the HMBGC board necessary connections and the one real example of the connection.


Pinout restriction

HMBGC doesn't have access to the Arduino's external interrupt pins 2 and 3, moreover the only pins we have access to are analog pins A0-A7. Therefore we need to read the encoder channels using the software interrupt library, please check the encoder code implementation for more information.

Please see the HMBGC code example (HMBGC_example.ino) to test all the functionalities.

  • Encoder channels A and B are connected to the pins A0 and A1.
  • Optionally if your encoder has index signal you can connect it to any available pin, figure shows pin A2.


  • Motor phases a,b and c are connected directly to the driver outputs
  • Motor terminal M1 uses Arduino pins 9,10,11 and M2 uses 3,5,6
HMBGC board doesn't support magnetic sensors because it doesn't have necessary SPI infrastructure.

Example connection