Rapspberry Pi Pico (rp2040) boards support

MCU2 PWM mode4 PWM mode3 PWM mode6 PWM modepwm frequency config
(RP2040) RPI Pico✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

Arduino SimpleFOClibrary recently started supporting the Raspberry pi Pico board due to a lot of effort put in by @runger1101001. The support is stil in its intial stage but most of the PWM related features are already implemented.

Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040Dual ARM Cortex-M0+
- 3.3V logic
- 16 PWMs
- DMA controller
- 4 adc pins
- 133MHz
Adafruit Store5€

BEWARE: limitations of the current implementation ⚠️

Raspberry Pi Pico's ADC features are not sufficient for low-side current sensing, but inline current sensing is supported. Current sensing is recently developed, and not well tested.

Arduino IDE support package

In order to use the Pico boards in the Arduino IDE please install the Arduino MBED OS RP2040 boards support package using Arduino IDE board manager.

If using windows you might have to do a bit of acrobatics with the USB driver, but the soluion is reasonably fast and straingth forward. Here is the link with a bit of info how to do it.

Here is quick video showing how to do it: