In the context of the SimpleFOCproject many different open-source community projects have been developed.

Arduino libraries

  • SimpleFOCDrivers

    This library contains an assortment of drivers and supporting code for SimpleFOClibrary.

    The intent is to keep the core of SimpleFOClibrary clean, and thus easy to maintain, understand and port to different platforms. In addition to this core, there are various drivers and supporting code which has grown around SimpleFOClibrary, and which we would like to make available to the community. Read more …

    Github repo

  • SimpleDCMotor

    SimpleFOClibrary is really intended for field oriented control of PMSM/BLDC motors, it’s in the name ;-). But for different reasons, sometimes DC motors are preferred, and while we’re not focused on this use-case, we do have a fair amount of code that can be leveraged to help with DC-Motor control applications.

    So this represents a less-supported effort to provide some useful building blocks for DC-Motors. Read more …

    Github repo

User interface applications